Welcome very much to INKY CONDITIONS – the creative endeavour of illustrator and artist, Stevie Mitchell. A continuing thread of worded pictures and uncanny happenings, INKY CONDITIONS finds depth, daftness, and occasionally darkness, in the mumbled and mundane magic of everyday life. Lives remembered, overheard and lives not really lived. And the occasional fox. Stevie works with ink and brush before combining pictures and lettering – letting inky accidents, surprises and memories happen along the way.

There are INKY CONDITIONS artworks in private collections in France, the United States, the Middle East and parts of Leeds.

This INKY CONDITIONS site is a showcase of developing output. Along with a growing gallery of selected inky pieces, it’s also the place to keep updated on upcoming shows and on artwork available to buy.

To get in touch, please just kindly send us an email via the link at the bottom of the page. Sorry, no commissions, but interested clients may want to check out our sister site, Picture Window Illustration & Design.